White Paper

Leading technology

The first and only resolution worldwide to launch “Absolute-Blockchain” game high speed network covering all types of games.

Open solution

Supports all blockchains that support smart contract;

Support all commercial game ensuch as Laya.Air game engine, Unity3D, UNREAL and Crysis3D.

Mature ecosystem

Nearly 300,000 Laya developers in LAYA.ONE ecosystem.

Representative product "MU-Archangel sword" created a revenue of 2.4 billion RMB in 2018 in China.

Quick to bring alive

Launch testnet of Laya.Cloud in Dec 2018.

Launch official version Of Laya.Chain + Laya.Cloud in June.

Product Structure


A decentralized distributed high-speed network
All game engine development framework

A decentralized distributed high-speed network + All game engine development framework

A high-speed public blockchain of games
Product Structure
A blockchain game engine and development tool
A one-stop community service platform and quality content distribution platform
A trade center of virtual assets in games


  • Sept 2018 Launch game engine 1.0 (Laya.Air)

  • Oct 2018 Launch game engine 2.0 (Laya.Cloud)

  • Dec 2018 Launch testnet of Laya.Cloud

  • Mar 2019 Launch testnet of Laya.Chain

  • Apr 2019 Launch community and content platform Laya.Cbox

  • May 2019 Launch virtual assets trade center Laya.Exchange

  • Jun 2019 Launch official version Of Laya.Chain + Laya.Cloud

  • July 2019 Launch first “Absolute-Blockchain” game product


CEO ‒ Wang Kuo

Former CTO of LayaBox, tech head of Aplix China

CTO ‒ Peng Chuan

Independent game producer with 10 years of experience in internet technology R&D

CSO ‒ Zhang Qian

Former white hat expert of 360 Marvel Team

Li Zonghai

Senior software engineer, used to work at Adobe, Aplix and Siemens


Expert graphic programmer using LayaBox H5 technology tool


Xie Chenghong

Layabox Founder

Shen Bo

Fenbushi Capital Founder Partner

Jing Yi

Fenbushi Capital Partner

Zhang Min

Empower Investment Partner

Li Gangqiang

Y Community TOKEN FUND Partner

Cooperative Partner

  • dfund
  • fenbushi
  • NGC
  • preangel
  • tfund
  • 三链资本
  • 时戳资本
  • 合力
  • ok
  • bixin
  • ld
  • chain
  • 币世界
  • homerun